Witch's Brew (Potpourri) Halloween Costume Ideas

It's almost Halloween night and you've yet to pick out a costume - don't worry, we've include a Halloween Potpourri category to help you make a decision for that frightful night.

Bloody Butcher Costume

Bloody Halloween - By Mike Butcher

What's scarier than an expert slicing up flesh and bone with great precision? What if this individual turned insane and now wants to carve up Halloween partygoers? Shock your friends with a butcher Halloween costume and be the life of the party.

• Clothing

To start, you will need a white apron, typical of all butchers. This can be found at any local grocery store, but you may even have one in your kitchen already. The butcher will usually wear an apron to stop the spraying of blood from getting too messy, but this Halloween, the more blood the better. Now, it's time to let everyone know that you are indeed a deranged individual.

• The Blood

Utilizing a red marker, strawberry syrup, or another form of fake blood, drizzle all along the apron to create the idea that you have been slicing up animal and maybe human flesh all day. Keep in mind the image above includes a shirtless butcher, but feel free to wear a long sleeve shirt under the apron for more cloth to drizzle blood upon. For a more sophisticated yet murderous butcher, you can wear a button-down shirt to go for a devious "American Psycho" look.

• Additional Elements

Additionally, you can get as creative as you'd like with your pants as well, but most butchers tend to where black cargo pants, but any type of longer pair of pants would suffice. Regarding footwear, you are likely to see butchers wearing calf-high or knee-high waterproof rain boots. The reason being is that they're likely to be trudging through a floor soaked in blood.

If you want to make an even scarier impression, drizzle fake blood all along the pants and top of your shoes. Black dress pants are another interesting option, perhaps to pair with the button-down shirt and apron. Another article of clothing you might see on a butcher is a chef's hat, so feel free to throw one on as well and decorate it with blood. To be quite honest, any type of garment is appropriate so long as the apron is worn and blood is visible.

• Cutting Utensils

A meat cleaver is usually the most fitting weapon for a butcher, but you can wield whatever you want. Feel free to carry a knife, fake chainsaw, mallet, hammer, meat hook, etc. You can find almost all of these fake weapons at a Halloween store or on Amazon.

Additionally, any murderous butcher is likely to be carrying around some freshly chopped flesh - human fingers, slabs of meat, etc. These can also be found at a Halloween store. Just purchase a fake hand or fake dog-toy T-bone steak and saturate it in some fake blood to make it appear as though it has just been sliced. So, there you have it, advice for your very own DIY butcher costume!

Wicked Witch Costume

The Green Witch - By Judy Garland

Lots of people are traumatized from watching The Wizard of Oz, and it's one of those dark fantasy movies that never quite leaves your mind after you've finished watching it. To start, you're going to need green makeup and lots of it. Plus a black hat - the hat needs to be crooked because that's the way wicked witches wears her hat, it also looks creepy too.

The wicked witch wears a long dress that is dark in color (usually black). Don't forget that the wicked witch is not very fashionable, so the dress must be a little bit worn and messy. You will achieve the best effect if the costume comes with tears. This visual shows that you've been involved in some dark activities affecting your appearance.

The next step is makeup. Be sure to put primer on your face because it serves as support for the makeup and helps it stay for a long period of time. Next, apply a high-quality green costume makeup. That's right - the wicked witch has green face and even body. You must cover your entire face with the green color.

Men's Biker Costume

The Road To Hell - By Tom Davidson

Bikers may look tough on the outside, but deep down they have a strong passion for travel and all they want is to live in freedom. Capture the romantic notion of living on the open road with a revving Harley and be a biker this Halloween! Here's how:

• Clothing

A biker's threads are his most obvious trademark. Bikers tend to wear leather, both for practical reasons such as its ability to reduce road rash and for the simple reason that it looks really cool.

At the very least, get yourself a leather jacket and a pair of leather pants. Just make sure that there are no biker gang insignias on the jacket or you might find yourself in trouble with rivals. Wear a simple shirt underneath, preferably in black. If you can't afford all of that leather, especially for just one night of festivities, then you can get some fake leather clothes. Some costume stores also sell pre-made biker costumes with cheap clothing options.

• Hairstyle/Tattoos

The hairstyle of a biker will vary, but of course the coolest would be a long hairstyle that screams metal. If you don't have long hair already, you can buy a wig. The next best style would be a buzz cut. Add some chains, a bandanna, and some fake tattoos. If you apply fake tattoos make it ironic and silly like; for example, a tattoo of a pretty butterfly alongside a skull and crossbones. As far as shoes, bikers wear boots, especially the steel-toed kind. Ready to conquer the road? Be a biker this Halloween and zoom through the streets on your hog.

Tree Costume

Transformation - By Brian Branch

Introducing the enigmatic autumn tree costume. For this outfit, you really want to put forth the idea that you have inhabited a tree for a number of years, perhaps even becoming a tree in some sense.

• Your Face

To cap off a tree costume, a good mask and hair accessories will really help top it off, so to speak. The old school method would be to just throw some twigs and leaves in your hair and call it done. While you can still do that, a mask would help, too.

Fortunately Groot has made a good tree mask easy to obtain. If you want to go for a natural look, taking some old bark to form into a mask is certainly an option as well. The idea is to use something natural from the environment, that you might find for yourself if you were out in the savage wilderness. Use your imagination.

• Your Arms

Obviously strapping old bark all over yourself isn't ideal, though it is an option. To simulate tree branches, fake leaves and bark can do the job just fine. Both can be found at craft stores if you look around or online.

In a pinch, or if you're feeling especially crafty, you can make the leaves from colored paper and the wood from cardboard and the like. It might not look as authentic, but the crafty nature makes it fun, and that means it could be used as a kid's version of the costume.

• Your Legs

To simulate the trunk, fake bark or cardboard can once more do the trick. For a little detail, some artificial moss is a good idea, too. Little touches like that really help to bring out a costume.

Such additions can become as simplistic or as involved as you want, and they're what make the costume unique. This is especially fun on custom built costumes with different concepts or ideas, like this one.

• Your Feet

Replicating some sturdy roots for your autumn tree can seem tricky, but really as long as you doll up some reliable footwear with bark and fake dirt, you've got it covered. It's a good idea not to use regular shoes for this, just in case the bark or dirt get them cruddy.

An older pair of reliable shoes or the pair you use for mowing the lawn are great for this sort of thing, since you don't have to worry too much about them getting dirty. As long as they're comfortable and take the accessories attached to them without a problem, they should hold together long enough to get the job done.

Halloween falls roughly in the middle of autumn, and depending on where you live the trees will look beautiful. Why not celebrate that beauty with a unique, nature focused costume that not only showcases your crafting talent, but also how much you appreciate an often overlooked season? The fall season deserves it's time to shine as well, so feel free to enjoy Halloween and autumn as much as possible.

Bug Costume

Don't Bug Me - By Jill Ant

Squish! Do you ever feel like the world is stepping all over you and there's nothing you can do to stop it? Well, you can finally look the part with an awesome bug Halloween costume. Here's how to put it together:

• Ugly Cockroach

Nobody likes cockroaches, with their feathery little legs that crawl over the food that you leave out, and their long antennas feeling you up at night while you sleep. Pay respect to these hardy creatures while giving your friends the willies with a cockroach costume.

First, get a headband with some long, wispy antennas. You can usually find this online. Next, find a black bodysuit and get some black or dark brown fabric. Cut the fabric into the shape of wings and sew it onto the bodysuit. There you have a simple cockroach.

• Annoying Fly

Flies are also gross to most people, but lack the creepiness of cockroaches. For a fly costume, you can follow a similar pattern to the cockroach costume, but swap a pair of transparent pre-made wings instead of black or brown ones. You can also don a fly mask, similar to the one in the original horror movie The Fly. Alternatively, you can just wear compound eye glasses.

• Jumping Grasshopper

For this Cosutme you will need a primarily green outfit. Wear a long sleeve green shirt and tight-fitting green sweatpants. Also wear green shoes. I recommend Crocs for their bright green color and comfortability. Using thick, light green tape purchased from a local hardware store, place for strips horizontally across your stomach and chest. This will create the thorax of the grasshopper.

Next, using light green construction or cardboard paper, cut out the legs of the grasshopper. I recommend tracing the desired shape into the paper and then cutting it out. Using a small band of elastic, create a "loop" for your hands to fit in. Additionally, you should use the green construction paper to create a hat which will function as the round head of the grasshopper. Grasshoppers are known for their large eyes - you can either cut out large yellow circles of construction paper or wear some bright yellow contacts.

• Pretty Ladybug

If you want something a bit more feminine and pleasant, why not a ladybug? Get a headband with short, cute antennas. You can buy a pre-made ladybug costume, or you can make one yourself out of spotted fabric. Even wearing a red coat that has black spots might work if you don't want to get fancy with it.

• Working Ant

This one is rather simple - wear an outfit that is entirely the color of the ant you'd like to portray (either red or black). I recommend a puffy winter jacket with a hood and large sweatpants. Make sure your shoes also match the color you want. Using poly-fil from a local craft store, stuff the butt of the sweatpants. This will create that large abdomen and thorax look that most ants have.

To finish up this costume, cut antennas out of either construction paper or plastic and adhere them to the top of the hood. Again, make sure the clothing is either black or red, depending on which species of ant you want to portray,

• Crawling Spider

Start with a black, long-sleeved hoodie and black gloves. Also wear black sweatpants or leggings. You can get creative and stuff some poly-fil underneath the hoodie to create the rotund spider look, although this is not crucial. Next, you will need four more legs! I recommend painting two pool noodles black, cutting them in half, and gluing them to the hoodie.

• Colorful Dragonfly

This one is rather delicate in nature. To start, wear a tight-fitting blue (sparkly if possible) body-con dress. Otherwise, you can wear a bluish green skirt with black stockings underneath. Next, you want to purchase a very light, translucent blue fabric (I recommend checking out the curtain or fabric section of Home Depot.

Cut out a large portion of the fabric in the shape of a wing and adhere it to the triceps of the outfit. Whenever you raise your arms, people will see the majestic wings of the dragonfly. If you show up to your next gathering dressed as a spooky bug, you will most certainly give your friends the creeps!

Sexy Warlock Costume

The Magic Man - By Joe Wizard

For those curious on the difference between a warlock and a wizard, it depends on the gaming system and entomology. Generally, warlocks use items to cast spells, like wands and staffs. Wizards usually use books. With that being said here's how to put such a costume together:

• Face

Warlocks and wizards have something else in common besides magic, and that is a beard. You don't need a beard as long as Gandalf's, but it definitely adds to the rugged look one expects of the rugged sort of spellcaster warlocks tend towards.

If you don't feel like growing a beard, or can't, there's no reason not go with a fake one. Clip-on beards have long been touted in the magical community for easy removal in case of a grease fire. What you do with your hair and color of said beard isn't really important here, because you're going for the style of the look rather than narrow motif. Warlocks come from all walks of life, after all, so no reason to narrow your choices.

• Outfit

When it comes to the clothes, they do make the man. Unless you're not wearing them, and the rugged look of a shirtless warlock is certainly an option. There's nothing wrong with wearing the right clothes though, but make sure to set yourself apart from other casters. Still, black is a classic look, and it goes with the dark vibe warlocks tend to gather. Besides, black is easy and cheap to find and play with to get the right look.

• Accessories

While they might get by with a staff and a grimoire, you, a master of magical item attunement, have a much more varied arsenal. A staff still works really well, because it never hurts to have a walking stick handy, especially if you need to bonk some sense into an insane king.

Other good odds and ends are some potions, which also make for a great way to bring a drink with you. Wands are another standby, and if you want to go really crazy, you can make a bandolier of them to show off how truly powerful you are as a warlock.

Color coordination is less important with this outfit, since the black clothes are tricky to mesh with, and it's neutral enough that you don't need to worry too much about such issues. Besides, warlocks are much less concerned with their fashion sense. Of course, you're trying to go for sexy here, but power is pretty sexually appealing. So as long as you got the confidence that comes with wielding magical power, and the tools to use it, you're on the right track for a great costume.

Joker Cosutme (Suicide Squad)

The Joker Is Wild - By Ace Johnson

For this costume, buying a pre-made Joker outfit might be the most efficient choice. The Joker wears several different outfits in this movie, but the most striking ones would be a bit difficult to come by. You probably don't have a purple-tinted alligator-skin trench coat lying around.

You can also opt for one of his more scantily-clad moments by walking around shirtless with some black pants, for instance, but this would also mean that you'd have to wear a lot of fake tattoos. Get that sharpie ready.

Easily enough, Suicide Squad Joker has green hair like most Joker versions. Get some temporary hair dye and make your head neon green for the night. Keeping with the trend of grittier, more realistic villains, this Joker doesn't have that much makeup actually.

Be sure to make your face pale, the space around your eyes dark, and your lips red. Some silver grills on your teeth will complete the look. If you're craving a trendy costume that still reflects your maniacal side, be the Suicide Squad Joker this Halloween!

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