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Exposed Brains Halloween Costume Ideas

Exposed Brains Halloween Costume Ideas

Would you like to expose yourself this Halloween? Well not your body, but how about your brains? The exposed brains costume is sure to scare even the most fearless partygoers. Here's how to crack-open your skull, figuratively of course.

• Getting Started

First, make sure you dress up in a tattered outfit - clearly, you have been through some sort of violent trauma, so make sure your pants are ripped and your shirt is torn. Using a red marker or some fake blood, mark up your clothes to make it seem as though you are severely injured. Additionally, be sure to drizzle some blood on your face, too.

• Exposing Your Brains

To start, you'll need an old baseball cap that you don't really need any more. You'll start by cutting off the brim of the cap and painting it a dark red. Next, you'll need a caulking tube - caulk zig-zags all across the cap to look like the surface of the brain.

For this part, you can get as creative as you'd like - you can caulk on an entire brain, just a piece, a hemisphere, or whatever you think looks the most terrifying. It will take the caulk about two hours to fully dry. Once dried, paint the caulk a dark red to resemble blood on the surface of the brain, and you now have an exposed brain cap.

Of course, this is for those do-it-yourself people, but anyone else not looking to engage in an arts and crafts project can simply purchase an exposed brain costume at a local Halloween store. This costume is so realistic, it is certain to shock everyone at your next costume party.

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