Boxer Halloween Costume Ideas

Boxer Costume Ideas

Nothing is more manly than purposefully getting punched in the face repeatedly, which is why so many people admire the tenacity of boxers. Why not pay homage to this great sport and dress up as a boxer yourself this Halloween?

• Boxing Shorts

Most boxers wear little else than shorts, and they should be easy enough to come by. Try looking for boxing shorts at a second-hand store, or check out a sports retailer if you can't find one there. You might also try a pre-made boxer costume, which is even better because it usually will come with a few accessories, too.

• Gloves and Equipment

To really play the role of a boxer well, you're going to need a pair of boxing gloves and a mouth guard at least. These can often be found for cheap at big box retailers or sports stores. Pre-made boxer costumes often come with fake gloves as well. Another nice touch would be a white towel that you can drape over your shoulders. You could also have one of those squirting water bottles.

• Blood and Bruises

If you're getting constantly beat up, then you're going to need a few signs of abuse. Make a fake bruise on your eye with make up, and have some fake blood trickling from your forehead. You could also drench your head with water to emulate sweat, if you're not normally sweaty enough yourself. Ready to beat someone senseless? Wear a boxer costume this Halloween and resolve all of your quarrels in the ring!

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