James Bond Halloween Costume Ideas

James Bond Costume Ideas

Have you always wished that you could be Bond, James Bond? Since you can be anyone for Halloween, why not live your dream and dress up in a James Bond Halloween costume this year?

The Tuxedo

Obviously, the first thing you're going to need is a suit, preferable a tuxedo-style one. This is the most recognizable part of the Bond outfit, so it's rather important, even if it might seem a bit expensive.

One way you can get around the expense is to get a fake tuxedo from a party store. In fact, you can often find them as part of a pre-made James Bond costume. Another thing you can do is buy a tuxedo-style set of silk pajamas. They sell them with bow ties and everything. Just make sure that the suit and tie are black, and that you wear a clean white shirt underneath.

The Gun

The Gun James Bond has a fancy hand gun with a silencer at the end of it, if you're going for the classic look. You can find fake guns at party stores. Look for one that has a long, skinny barrel.

The Girl

A James Bond costume will always be more convincing if you're accompanied by one of the Bond girls. If you have a girlfriend or a friend who is willing to play along, then find a Bond girl that fits her personality and look the most, and show up to your Halloween party arm-in-arm. Do you like your Halloween punch shaken or stirred? If you're going to be James Bond this year, then there's only one good answer to that question!

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