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Birdman Costume Ideas

Birdman Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people like to get really creative or heroic with their costumes. Bird person costumes are a great way to express humanity's aspirations for flight, in expression though not in practice, obviously. This sort of costume can require a bit of time and skill, but, if you know what you're doing, can be put together into a great costume for a variety of occasions.

• Face Makeup

The obvious idea here is to go for a bird-like look, with makeup and a fake beak to really bring the appearance together. If you're not a fan of makeup or have sensitive skin, a mask can work as well.

• Wings

Probably the most important part of the costume, finding fake sets of wings won't take too much work. You'll want to make sure the set is durable though, as some costume accessories can be poorly made, designed just to last long enough to get the kids through the neighborhood for one night. You can also look up different styles if you have a preferred bird in mind.

• Clothing

For a more heroic look, a bodysuit or going shirtless for the costume can really help set the tone, weather permitting of course. If you want to go with regular clothes, that's fine. If you want to get fancy, perhaps for a party, a suit for the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law cartoon would be great. Birdman in general makes a good costume and is a good base to build around.

Either way, make sure to pick a style that works well with your face and wing options. You don't want the costume to clash. This is your costume, after all, so make sure to have fun with it, from head to toe.

• Footwear

For a classical look, sandals are the best option here. That said, sandals aren't always practical. They work great if you're going to a costume party, for example. If you need to herd the kids around, though, you might want to stick with shoes. Preferably you would find some shoes or boots with a more classical or heroic style for the costume. Sandals come in a variety of styles these days, though, so, with some research, you might be able to find something that will work.

Birdman costumes might seem really involved, but it's more that they have a lot of parts to them, any one of which can make the costume shine or look rough. You have plenty of options for individuality and variety, though, so feel free to have as much fun with the costume as possible.

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