Colorful Bird Costume Ideas

Birds are pretty, majestic, smarter than we give them credit for, and a little bit cuckoo. This makes them a great idea for a costume. The downside is, we're talking a lot of work to get the look right. If you want to dress up like a pretty bird, you need to make sure you know what you need.

Hooting Owl

Owls are portrayed as wise and majestic, but they have their goofy side as well. As with any full body costume, don't forget the face. Makeup it one option, but a mask is easier and gentler on your skin most of the time. If you go the makeup route, you might want to get a beak to tie into place. The outfit itself will be pretty easy to find, though you may end up buying a mascot character if you're not paying attention. Keep that in mind when going over options.

Pretty Peacock

Samba time! Well, maybe not, but samba outfits make a great base from which to design a costume for more colorful birds, like peacocks. Since they're used as cat toys, you can even get really feathers for the costume! Finding a mask or beak for this will be pretty easy, too. Worst case scenario, you might need to make the mask or beak yourself, and, thanks to cosplay, how-to guides won't be hard to find.

Exotic Toucan

Breakfast cereal jokes aside, toucans are a pretty cool bird. Their coloration is pretty simple, too, so finding or making a costume won't be too tricky. The beak, obviously, might seem a bit trickier, but costume beaks for parties aren't too hard to find if you look carefully. Though the birds are pretty themselves, the distinctive beak will be the centerpiece for this costume. That means you want to make sure it has the detail and coloration you're happy with, so the costume stands out properly.

Pink Flamingo

If you like pink, these long-legged trailer park lawn ornaments make for a great choice. They're a very pretty, if gangly bird, but if you get the pink/red body and legs right, all you have to worry about is the beak. Said beak is rather distinctive and curved, but, as with any costume accessory, finding or making it can be done with research and patience.

Colorful Parrot

Much like peacocks, a samba outfit is a good start for this sort of costume. There are a lot of different kinds of parrots, so feel free to have fun with coloration. You probably won't be able to find real feathers, but the costume itself shouldn't be difficult to assemble. Finding a beaked mask won't be too hard, either.

Colorful birds make for fun and bright costumes. Not only do they stand out from the more macabre costuming you see during Halloween, but they can also be used for other potential holidays as well, namely Mardi Gras. Whatever the holiday or however you go about it, a colorful bird costume will demonstrate your sense of style and showcase the beauty of nature at its most feathery.

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