Biblical Halloween Costume Ideas

While some might consider costumes based on the Bible blasphemous, they can certainly make for some fun contrast against all the ghouls, vampires, and superheroes. Plus, with the right know-how and some ingenuity, they can be just as fun and easy to make as other costumes.

Addam & Eve

Probably the first themed partner costume was worn by Adam and Eve, so why not continue the tradition and dress as these Biblical characters with your significant other at this years Halloween party? Ready to enter the Garden of Eden this Halloween? Here's how to put such a costume together:

• No Clothing

When you get right down to it, Adam and Eve started out their lives like most of us do-naked. In fact, Adam and Eve's nudity was a major point in their story. What kind of costume is cheaper costume? You don't even have to wear clothes. In fact, the only thing you need to wear is enough self-confidence to get away with walking around without clothes.

• A Fig Leaf

Naturally, there are laws against walking around without clothes, and Halloween night is no exception. In that case, you're going to need fig leaves! Get some fake leaves and vines at the craft store and fashion a natural loin cloth for Adam and a leaf-covered bikini for Eve.

• Pre-Made Costume

Of course, you could always buy a pre-made costume that's less risque. Not all of us have the body for the Adam & Eve costume after all. In that case, you can buy a full-bodied fake skin body suit and glue on some leaves to cover up the fun bits.

There are also some commercial Adam and Even costumes that have the fig leaves already attached. Visit your local party store and see what they might have. So if you've always wanted a Halloween costume of Biblical proportions (or you and your partner just want to show off some skin), you can't go wrong with some Adam and Eve costumes.


Fortunately, you don't need an ark to qualify for this costume. Generic Biblical costumes can be found online, and, while the quality isn't great, it makes a good base. A white beard from a Santa costume and a brimless kepi will help a lot, too. Worse case for a costume, a properly colored bath robe, tan or brown, can pass if you have the beard. For an extra touch, consider a toy animal of some sort to perch on your shoulder.


Ditch the critter, grab a staff, and just like that, your Noah costume is a Moses costume. If you like recycling costumes every year but want to change things up a bit, this is a great option. For both, by the way, if you used an old robe to costume as a Jedi, the transition to the Old Testament won't be too tricky, though you may want to forego the lightsaber.

A lighter color beard is an option if you want to go with a younger look, too, which is helpful if you have a beard and don't want to spend the day bleaching your hair. Commandments are optional because they use up on arm, but you can use them instead of the staff if you want. for a gag costume you can come up with some fake commandments.

David & Goliath

For a more action based Biblical costume, the great clash of giant lunkhead against a kid with a sling is a great choice. The question then is how to pull off the costume. David, at heart, was a shepherd, which itself is a pretty easy costume. All you need is some humble robes, a crook, and a toy sling. An inflatable sheep would be a nice touch, too. Foregoing a beard will drive home the youthful look and prevent people from confusing you with the other Shepherd.

As for Goliath, a stylized barbarian costume of the rough era and culture will do the job nicely. If you can find one, an inflatable David toy of some sort would be a nice touch, but those sorts of toys generally aren't advised for family friendly activities. If you have a kid, you could dress them up as David and have fun playing out the fight scene for candy.


They say that Halloween is one of the most unholy nights of the year. Well, it's up to you to change that with a Jesus Halloween costume. It may seen a little contradictory to you, but it doesn't have to be.

• Hair and Beard

First, grow out your hair and beard. You're going to have to start early, planning months ahead of time if you're going to rely on your natural hair. Alternatively, you could also just wear a wig and a fake beard if you can't commit for so long to a Halloween costume.

• Outfit

Of course, nobody can say for sure what Jesus wore back in the day, but it probably wasn't a T-shirt and jeans. Get some white fabric from the fabric store and make yourself a robe. You can also go to a party store and buy a pre-made Jesus costume - there are tons of them out there. Many of them even come with a fake beard and a wig.

• Accessories

You have to wear sandals if you're going to be Jesus. Look around the shoe store and try to find a brown, classic pair of shoes that is somewhat reminiscent of the time period. You might want to add something like a staff or a basket with a loaf of bread and a couple of fish to your costume. This helps make it seem more authentic. If the accessory references a Bible story, even better.

Biblical costumes might not seem fun, but with some ingenuity and creativity they can make for an easy costume that not only looks cool but will also help keep you warm on harsh autumn nights. It might seem tacky to wear a bath robe as a costume, but if you're warm, dry, and having fun, that's the real point of the holiday.

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