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Beetlejuice Halloween Costume Ideas

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume Ideas

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! One of the most popular cult films of all time is Tim Burton's 1988 classic Beetlejuice. There are a plenty of costume choices form the movie that will stun any partygoers on Hallowen night.

• Beetlejuice

First of all, don't say his name three times! Second of all, the essence of Beetlejuice is in his hair, so make sure to pick up a messy, whitish costume wig and add some creepy yellow and green stains near the roots to bring out your ghoulishness.

Using white face paint, completely cover your face to create the effect that you are a ghoul from the undead. Finish by creating large dark circles around your eyes, either with more face paint or black eyeshadow.

A striped suit with a hypnotic design like the one he wears in the movie might be hard to come by, so you may just have to get one from a party store. If you're stubborn and want to make one on your own, you could always get striped fabric from a craft store and put on together.

Beetlejuice wears large black boots and dons a sickening, devious smile that lets you know he is up to no good. The character is known for his odd behavior, so get creative with the construction of the costume. As long as it generally looks like the character (green hair, striped suit,) you'll be good to go.

• Addam Maitland

Adam, who wants to scare the Deetz family away and restore his home to its original beauty, wears large circular glasses, a red t-shirt, and a buttoned black, white, and gray flannel shirt. He wears beige khakis with a brown belt and black shoes.

Adam is played by a young Alec Baldwin, so anyone dressing up as this character is sure to catch some looks. For his "ghoul" form, which features an elongated face and large black eyes, you will likely need to purchase this mask from a Halloween store, as it is incredibly complex and intricately designed.

• Barbara Maitland

For Barbara, you'll need curly black hair, so a wig is your best option. In the film, she wears a floral button-down shirt, which can be found at most department stores.

For her famous and terrifying ghost form, it features a wide open, sharp-toothed mouth, gigantic tongue, with two unblinking eyeballs. This is probably the spookiest visual of the film, as Tim Burton sure knows how to unsettle his viewers. Again, this is an incredibly complex design and you'll likely need to purchase the mask from a traditional costume store.

• Lydia Deetz

Another fun charter from Beetlejuice is Lydia - she's not exactly scary (unless teenage angst makes you run away screaming), but she's a very recognizable character from a classic comedy/horror movie. For a good Lydia, you're going to need a lot of black. Shop as if you're about to attend a funeral, and try to go for a black dress that hangs sullenly on your frame with a black blazer or jacket.

Next, grab a floppy beach hat that is also completely black, this will protect your pale complexion from the healthy sun. As for makeup, add some gray circles under her eyes and try to create a look that looks sleepless and gothic.

• Delia Deetz

To dress up as Delia Deetz, Charles's wife, you'll need a sunburst orange wig, red lipstick, a black dress, and one long black glove for your right arm.

Get creative with oversized earrings too. Delia is known to be exceptionally over-dramatic, self-centered, and odd in her taste in art. This is a very eccentric character that you can take great liberties with your costume design.

• Ernie

For Ernie's costume, you'll need a pair of green denim suspenders to wear over a light blue, long sleeve, button down shirt. Additionally, you'll want to wear a red cap, black shoes, and a watch as accessories.

Feel free to carry some cleaning or hardware supplies like Ernie frequently is seen in the film. There is no shortage of bizarre and unique characters in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. Rest assured that any of the costumes outlined above will make you stand out among the craziest costumes at your next party.

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