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The Haunted House - The Bedroom

Brenda tells her friends she needs to get some shut-eye. The group argues about sticking together, however Brenda's stubbornness wins out and she quickly enters one of the bedrooms for a quick nap. The bed room is completely empty except for a chair in the center.

"That's odd," she said, "the room has no windows?" Suddenly the room starts to rock and roll. "Oh My God, hay guys, what's happening?" A mechanical sound vibrates inside the chamber as one of the wall starts moving towards her. "What the...?" She turns to flee, but the door she entered is gone! She is inside a tomb with no way out. Obviously this was just some sort of Halloween prank?

"Time out guys, this isn't funny! You know I'm Claustrophobic. Please stop it." But the wall doesn't stop, instead it accelerates towards her... ten feet away...eight "Help me," She cries as her warm pee drips over the cold stone floor. Just beyond the wall in some distant room, she hears somebody playing Moon Light Sonata on a baby-grand piano. Again she cries for help, but nobody listens, nobody cares. The smell of urine, and sweat circulates in the frigid air as the wall pushes

Brenda screams as the wall slams into her body at full force - blood squirts from her mouth, eyes pop out of their sockets, bones shatter and break apart. She sucks in one last gulp of air before her brains, guts and blood splatter neatly over the cold stucco walls...

Poor Brenda, I bet she didn't see that coming. Oh well at least she doesn't have to worry about losing those extra 20 pounds. Where to next? Enter any room (above) to continue: