Batman Halloween Costume Ideas

Batman Costume Ideas

There have been many incarnations of Batman throughout the decades, some of them extremely memorable and some of them kind of lame, but regardless of what era or incarnation you want to portray, Batman is one cool dude. Here's some cosutme ideas to get things flying:

The Cape

First and foremost, he's not Batman without a cape, so this will be your first priority. Stop by the costume store or look around in thrift shops for a black cape that fits your body type and size. It should be able to envelope you easily and allow you to hide in the shadows-if it's too small for this, it'll probably look a bit awkward. If you can't find a cape, you can always make one out of black or dark blue bed sheets or curtains if you have some basic sewing skills.

The Mask

Another essential component of the costume is the mask that keeps people from realizing that Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight himself. For the mask, you're going to want to pick out a fabric that is a similar color as the cape, and in fact you might want to make it out of the same material.

Making eye-holes and cutting out the mouth with a little over-hang to cover the nose is straight-forward enough, but building up the little ears might be a hassle. Using the foam from inside of a pillow or something else that is similar soft, but that keeps its shape might help to prop up the ears.

The Bodysuit

If you have the body for it, it might be easier to just get a zentai suit and modify it. They straddle that line between pajamas and super hero tights and tend to be inexpensive. If you're muscular, it will also allow you to more easily slip into the Batman persona. If you don't want to wear an all-in-one suit like this, some tight athletic pants and a similarly tight athletic shirt should work.

The Belt

Batman needs his utility belt, and of course it should have his logo on it. For this, you might be able to modify a real-life utility belt from a hardware store, but if you want to keep things simply, you can opt for a thick leather belt with a big buckle. Make a batman logo out of foam or some other easily-workable material and super glue it to the buckle.


Leather boots should suffice here. Just make sure that they are dark and color and go up past your ankle. If you're on a budget and are okay sporting 1960's Batman TV Show look, some black rubber rain boots might also work. Regardless of what style of Batman you ultimately choose, these are the basic components that your costume should be include if you're looking to be Gotham's next hero.

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