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The Haunted House - The Bathroom

"I need to take a wiz," Jose said.
"Go for it," Sue replies. Jose breaks away from the group and opens a blue door and finds himself in a small bathroom.

A zombie in a white tub gives up a startled scream.
"Damn, you scared me man," the zombie yells.
"Sorry," Jose replied timidly.
"No problem. As you can see, you caught me in the middle of my bubble bath. Say, tell me what's your name young man?"
"Nice to meet you, my name is Burnie. Don't worry Jose, I'm not going to eat you. To be honest I really don't like Mexican food, I'm mostly a consumer of French and Italian cuisine."
"Well you seem like a nice fellow," Jose said, as he tries to figure out how to flee the room.

"If your thinking of leaving, don't bother, the door is locked. But like I said before, I won't hurt you. Most people think zombies are flesh eating ghouls with an insatiable appetite to eat human flesh, but that's just a stereotype. We're actually just regular folk living ordinary lives. For God sakes, I'm taking a bubble-bath, what's more ordinary then that?"

"Now, let me tell you a little about my life..." As Burnie rambles on, poor Jose doesn't see that hungry zombie clinging to the celling just above him... Where to next? Enter any room or gravyard (above) to continue: