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Ballerina Halloween Costume Ideas

If you've always wanted to twirl around like the best of them, but you never had the coordination, the next best thing is to wear a ballerina outfit this Halloween and pretend to be a dancer all night. People love this classic costume, and it also lets you show off your legs if you have nice ones. Here are some ideas on how to put one together.

The Expensive Way

The first way you can put a costume like this together is to go the more expensive, but authentic, route. Find a dancing gear store near you, and check out what they have. Often, ballerina clothes and shoes are expensive, since they are specialty items, but your costume will look real. Try to find something on clearance if you can, since you're unlikely to use the outfit again unless you're inspired to take up ballet afterwards.

Be sure to include pink ribbons and other hair accessories to go with your costume. Ballerinas usually keep their hair in a tight bun, so you might want to buy some hair supplies that will help you do this.

The Frugal Way

The cheap way is of course to just buy a pre-made costume from a party store. You can find these easily online. Get one that comes with a leotard and a fluffy tutu, as well as some kind of headgear, like a tiara.

Some costumes come with fake ballet shoes, but if yours doesn't, you can go to the shoe store and find one of those slip-on ballet style shoes that matches the color of your costume. If you're looking to impress your friends with your fancy spinning this Halloween, then dress up as a ballerina and dance!

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