Kids Aviation Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Kid's Aviation Costume Ideas

Ready to take to the skies? If you're looking to dress up your little aviator (or maybe you're that little aviator yourself), why not try this cute kids Halloween costume. It is timeless, fun, works for both boys and girls.

Aviator Outfit

Since we're going with a classic look here, you're going to need your aviator hat and goggles. These aren't hard to find and can be purchased at most party stores. If not, order them online ahead of time.

A little aviator is not complete without a jacket, of course. You can either go the fancy route and get a true kid-sized leather jacket that is reminiscent of the aviator style, or you can get the cheaper kind that are made of less expensive fabrics at a party store. Either way, make sure to add a neck scarf to help your pilot stay warm in those high altitude winds! For pants, you can go with the classic aviator trousers from the 1930's, or you can simply opt for a pair of khakis. It really depends on how detailed you want to get with it.

Some nice knee-high black boots will finish off the look. If you can't find or afford a pair, any long black boots will probably do. So, are you going to take off in style this Halloween? Try this kids costume idea and help your little one be the life of the party.

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