Aviation Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Retro Aviation Costume Ideas

Fly the friendly skies! Pilots have long been admired for their skill, daring, and potential touch of insanity for flying a giant tin can so high in the sky. Pilot uniforms make for great costumes, especially if you look to older aviator outfits for a stylish, classic look.

Kids Aviation

Kid's costumes tend to be pretty easy, mainly because stores love to sell premade versions. Such options are usually pretty cheap and not very durable, though. A costume this simple can be made from random bits and bobs as long as you know where to find them.

An aviation hat can be bought from a costume store easily enough, as can a decent jacket and clothes to match. The retro part of the costume idea gives a fair bit of variety when it comes to designs, so feel free have some fun with that, as should your kid.

Adult Aviation

You can have a lot of fun with this costume. Do you want to be a smartly dressed pilot of the 1950's, a daring bomber pilot of World War II, or an adventurous aviator from the Great War? All and more are possible if you have the right parts for the costume. Goggles and a hat can be easy to find for older style costumes, though the bomber jacket might take a couple quick searches.

The 50's outfit is pretty easy, since you'll mainly be using regular formal clothes. Costume clothes for this might not be the best quality, but they can work. You can also modify a bus driver uniform if you like. Sunglasses will add a nice touch.

If you want to go for an older style look, you might need to do some digging online. A scarf will be easy enough to find, but, along with the goggles, you'll want a leather style cap and jacket. A lot of early airplanes had open cockpits, so pilots bundled up to keep from freezing. Dashing mustache is optional, but costume hair can be found if you look.

Pilot costumes have a lot of variety because what pilots have worn varied over the decades. From the bundled layers of open cockpits to the smart, formal attire of the 1950's, you have a lot of options. Not only can you make a great costume for yourself, you can make an easy fun one for your children and your significant other as well. With this in mind, you might want to base the costume around which items are easiest to find, but make sure to have fun.

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