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Avengers Costume Ideas

Since the Avengers have become so popular, it's no wonder they're highly desired Halloween costumes for both kids, teens and adults. Obtaining such a costume can be tricky though, depending on how you go about it.

• Captain America

The good news is, premade you can find Avengers costumes for all ages. The kid costumes might not be the most durable, and quality for both can vary, but the option is there for those who desire them.

Of course, some people to make their own costumes. This can be tricky with heroes, though. Cap has the advantage in that his colors in the movies are much more subdued than in the comics, especially in his first cinematic appearance. Costume shields aren't hard to find or make, either. it can take a bit of work to get the colors and materials right, but you knew that when you decided to put the costume yourself rather than buy a shoddy premade version.

• Iron Man

While you won't need to make this is a cave with a box of scraps, it can be tricky to get the look and colors right. Fortunately, Stark has had a lot of suits over the years, so building one with cardboard and piping is possible.

If you can build a rocket man with cardboard, you can build an iron man. Just don't cheap out on the accessories, like the mask and jetpack parts. These can really help a costume stand out, so if you've cut some corners overall, the extra bits will make up for that if you do it right.

• The Hulk

Purple shorts, paint yourself green, done. Okay, it's not entirely that simple, but a green bodysuit and gloves can be used as well.

Body paint isn't dangerous but it can be really annoying to clean off yourself, and with kids and their sensitive skin it might create allergic reactions that cause rashes and itching. Though easy on paper, this costume still needs some thought to make sure it's done right.

• Thor

The good news here is that a generic Viking costume with some accessories can do the job here just as much as a premade Avenger hero's costume. This is especially true if you're going for the Silver Age look, which was camp incarnate.

Still, it's important to pay attention to the nuances of the costume in order to set yourself up as worthy wield Mjolnir. Otherwise you are just a generic Viking lookalike, and that's not the costume you wanted to make this time around.

Sometimes it's not about whether or not there is a premade costume, it's about how much fun you want to have making the costume and putting it together. Not only do you want the Avengers to assemble, you also want to properly assemble your fun Avengers costume, even if you got to do it in the comfort of your home.

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