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The Haunted House - The Attic

The kids continue onward...
"Look guys," Bill shouts as he waves his arms up and down. "Its a stairway!
"It must lead to the attic," Brenda snorts.
"You think so? I'm going to check it out."
"No! just stay with us," Brad yells. But it's too late, Bill is already half way up the steps...

As Bill moves up the wooden steps, a vociferous shrieking sound echoes through the attic as several bats fly past him. An old cock on a small Woodend table chimes 13 times.

"Oh for god sakes, you'll have to do better then that if you want to scare me... What the...?" From across the way he sees a something sinister sitting in a chair.
"Who's There?" No answer... "Speak!" Still no answer... Upon closer inspection, he realizes the shadowy figure is just an oversized doll. He starts laughing in relief, but abruptly stops when he hears a female voice screaming from the rafters high above.

He looks up and sees a young woman hanging form a noose, her face twitches uncontrollably as her nude torso swings back and fourth like a pendulum. Cold blood drips from her body, hitting Bill's face like a winter rain. Suddenly the noose snaps and the woman plummets towards him. Bill tries to run, but can't... he's caught inside a sticky spider web.

"Oh my God," he yells, as she crashes on top of him, breaking his skinny neck like a twig... Where to next? Enter any room (above) to continue: