Astronaut Halloween Costume Ideas

Astronaut Costume Ideas

If your looking to explore the far reaches of the universe this Halloween, then an Astronaut costume might be the prefect choice. Here's how to put it together:

• What You'll Need

A sweatshirt and a pair of sweat pants (should be in grey color.) A bicycle helmet (any color would be fine.) Silver color duct tape (you need a lot.) 2-liter empty plastic soda bottles. Tissue papers (red and orange.) A wide silver ribbon. Foam poster board (12 X 12). Miniature American flag, NASA Logo and International space station logo (you may get printouts of these items.) Some double sided tapes.

• How To Make It

Get the silver duct tape first and cover the surface of the bicycle helmet perfectly. At the end it should replicate a space helmet. Cover your shoes with the same material to match the helmet. Be sure to cover the plastic bottles and the piece of poster board perfectly with duct tape (silver).

Then you need to attach the plastic bottles to the piece of board using two loops made of silver tapes. The necks of the bottles are going to replicate the rocket nozzles of the jet pack, so the bottles should be attached facing downwards.

Make two more even-sized straps (to match the body of the user) with the silver ribbon and attach them to the piece of foam board with the duct tapes enabling the users to wear it comfortably. Make the flames of the rocket nozzle with the tissue papers you already have (red and orange) and tuck them in the opening of the bottles accordingly.

Use your creativity here and try to resemble the flames. If you need you can add some yellow color tissues too. Make sure that these 'flames' are perfectly tucked in to avoid dropping off.

• Accessories

Dress r your child in the sweatshirt and the pair of sweatpants. Get the NASA logo and place it firmly on the top right of the sweatshirt. Attach the American flag in to the right hand side shoulder of the sweatshirt and the International Space Station logo to the exact opposite. This is when you need to use double sided tapes.

Complete your Halloween costume wearing the helmet, shoes and the jetpack before, "taking off" to the streets and rock your friends. You can make this costume in a few hours or less at little cost. Use your creativity to add more features if necessary.

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