Kung Fu Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Kung Fu Costume Ideas

When thinking about the Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu, the legendary Bruce Lee and his classic black uniform may come to mind. If you are a teen or adult, you may like to recreate this outfit for Halloween. Here's how to put it together:

Men's Costume

The two main articles of clothing that you will need are the black shirt and black pants. The shirt must have a high collar and white colored cuffs. The black pants should feel soft and comfortable with the elastic bands around the waistline. You can use cotton, polyester, or silk for the material of the clothes, although polyester and silk are the two preferred choices.

Women's Cosutme

As for women who want to create a Kung Fu Halloween costume, all they will need is a black romper suit. This is just a one-piece suit which combines the shirt and shorts together. This will bring some sex appeal too because the woman will be showing off a lot of her bare legs and arms. But she can look dangerous if she holds a pair of sai weapons in her hands.

Alternatively, women can go with a more traditional and fashionable costume by wearing a Yangko dance dress instead. This dress covers the legs and arms extensively. More importantly, it lets the female Kung Fu master hide a sword underneath her garment. This could be a straight sword or butterfly sword in its sheath.

Final Tips

Finally, a man or woman can wear a pair of Tai Chi Shoes on their feet. These are basically slip-on shoes made from cloth. They kind of resemble slippers because they are lightweight and easy to put on.

This lighter weight makes it easy to kick your attackers or opponents. You are guaranteed to be light on your feet with these shoes on. If you can't find the traditional Tai Chi Shoes, just use cloth slippers which cover the feet entirely.

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