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Gross Antomy Cosutme Ideas

Medical Teacher

You may not think that taking a class in college would have the potential for a great Halloween costumes. However, an anatomy 101 class actually might serve as a great inspiration for some grotesque and spooky costumes.

For this costume, you want to aim for an eruditely persona. This medical teacher knows all there is to know about gross antimony but would never be caught with a drop of blood on them - they are all about business.

To start, wear black business pants, any color shirt will work with a white lab jacket. Complement the outfit with a pair of large glasses (if you want to look smarter) and hair styled to your desire. Next, wear professional shoes (ladies, heels work just fine, for men, black dress shoes will do). To accessorize, be sure to have a stethoscope around your neck. Luckily, there is a lot of wiggle room with this outfit and you can get as creative as you would like.

Medical Student

Now that the teacher is finished with the lecture, its time to have fun and get bloody. The medical student costume requires freedom on your part, as students come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to wear latex gloves, traditional medical scrubs (any color of your choice.) Given that this is a Halloween costume, feel free to get creative and drizzle some blood across the lab scrubs.

To add to the sense that you are a student, carry around a clipboard with some note paper and a few medical utensils. Aside from these necessities, add your own sense of individual flair to the costume.

Human Organs/Body Parts/Tools

A major part of these costumes are the fake body parts (which you can carry around in a small bucket of ice) Of course, these are quite complex props and could easily be bought at a local Halloween store. However, if you'd like to make them your own, that's a possibility too.

For fake human brain, buy a head of cauliflower and slice it vertically down the center. Peep away the green leaves and you'll be left with a piece of cauliflower that looks just like a section of a brain. Another fun prop would be to carry around a large bucket of bloody human arms or legs, just to show off your cutting skills.

Most medical instruments can be purchased at a prop store too. To save money you can use some old tools lying around the house, even a plyer can be useful tool to hold an eye or two. If you show up to your next gathering as either a nerdy professor or medical student with the aforementioned props, you'll most definitely be the life of the party!

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