Sons of Anarchy Costume Ideas

Are you a fan of Sons of Anarchy and are looking for a costume that will help you fit right in with your favorite members of SAMCRO? Well, it's not recommended that you join a real biker gang but you can dress up as a Son of Anarchy this Halloween.

• A Black T-Shirt

Naturally, the first layer of any self-respecting biker's outfit is going to be the very hair on his chest. Optionally, you may wear one black or white T-shirt on top of this all-important layer. It can be a simple, plain tee, or you could alternatively wear one with tacky pictures of naked women or some kind of patriotic symbol such as an angry-looking eagle (or possibly both).

• A Leather Jacket or Vest

If you're really hard up for cash, you can wear denim, but if you want the real Sons of Anarchy look, you're going to have to spring for the leather. Make sure the back of your jacket displays the Sons of Anarchy logo, and you may even want to sew up some patches on the front that indicate you're a Redwood Original.

• Jeans

You're not really a biker unless you have a nice pair of heavy-duty jeans that will save your knees from scraping the ground on hard turns. For this costume, you'll probably do best with a dark pair of jeans, completely black if you can.

If not, any good pair of jeans will do as long as they aren't those fancy, pinky-raising designer type that you buy at a department store. Top off the pants with a worn leather belt that sports an intimidatingly large buckle.

• Boots

A pair of chucks just won't cut it here. Get some big, heavy black boots. Ones that are made specifically for bikers will be the most authentic, but if you can't get your hands on that, try for some work boots or dark-colored cowboy boots. Make sure they don't look too new, either; walk around in the mud for a little bit if you can manage it.

Of course there are still the accessories left to consider, but these depend on the individual biker, so they are up to you. Find yourself a pair of fingerless leather gloves or some chains to carry around menacingly-just think like a biker and you should be able to come up with some good ideas.

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