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Alien Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to making your own Halloween costume, there is perhaps no costume genre that has more options than an alien from outer space. Whether you want to be creepy and kooky or odd and funny, here are some space alien costume ideas that are sure to launch your next Halloween party into orbit.

Basic Alien

For an eclectic, futuristic, alien look, the first thing you'll want to do is to dye your hair a funky, space-age color. Bright green or blue will look best. There are a variety of temporary hair color products available to help you achieve this look without a permanent commitment. You can find temporary hair coloring sprays in most stores around the Halloween season or in costume stores year-round.

Another hair coloring option that's been growing in popularity is hair chalk. This temporary hair coloring comes in sticks. It's guaranteed not to come off on your hands once it's applied to your hair. Best of all, it's available in super-vibrant colors and washes out with shampoo.

Once you have your hair dyed, you'll a variety of options for your face. You can use green face paint and apply bright green lipstick for an out-of-this-world look. Another fun idea is to skip the face paint, look for sticky jewels, and apply them in patterns all over your face.

If you'd like your alien to have multiple eyes, that's an easy fix, as well. Simply purchase a sheet of those sticky, googol eyes that are available in craft stores. Apply a large number of eyes across your forehead (or all over your face). Here's looking at you, kid.

For easy alien attire, simply look for a long-sleeved shirt and tights in bright, loud colors. Try to pair colors (like neon blue and bright green) that no normal earthling would ever wear together. Find a shimmer, shiny belt to accessorize your spacey getup.

Alien Astronaut

Do you want to be a futuristic android astronaut from another planet? Who doesn't? Be an otherworldly space woman this Halloween and let everyone know that you come in peace. Here is how to put together a costume like this:

The first thing you're going to need is body paint, since it's not "outer spacey enough" if you just have one of the common human skin tones. Since everything in futuristic alien civilizations is made of chrome, find silver-colored body paint and cover all of the body parts that will show outside of your clothes.

Ideally, you would have a lack of hair, but sometimes this isn't feasible if you don't want to shave your head. If you can get a skull cap that you can paint over to make yourself look hairless, then that's good. You can also find a metallic or neon-colored wig.

Nothing enhances a costume more than creepy contact lenses. Find gray ones if you want them to blend in creepily with your skin, or find colors that stand out, like red or even purple. Just make sure you get them from a reputable optometrist. Don't buy knock-off lenses, or this could hurt your eyes.

You're going to want some futuristic alien clothes. If you've ever watched science fiction from the 1950's, then you know that such space people only wear metallic-colored clothes that looks like aluminum foil. If you're crafty, go to the fabric store and try to find some metallic-looking fabric to build a pair of tight pants and a shirt. Otherwise, you could try looking through thrift stores for some clothes from the 80's; in that era, many popular outfits looked very alien and disturbingly inhuman.

Find some metallic high heels. You could also get some regular-colored high heels and spray paint them silver. Are you ready to shoot puny humans with your laser beams this Halloween? Join the galactic alliance with a space woman Halloween costume.

The X-Files

If you're a fan of one of the creepiest science fiction TV series of all time, then why not pay homage to Mulder and Scully's quest for the truth by dressing up as a character from The X-Files? Can you hear the theme song playing in the back of your mind already? Here's some suggestions for the perfect do-it-yourself X-Files costume.

Although there are a lot of aliens on the show, most of the characters are indeed human (or mostly human). If you want to be an FBI agent like Mulder, Scully, or Assistant Director Skinner, then your going to need a dark suit, a white shirt, and a fake badge. If it's cold, wear a 90's-style trench coat as well.

If you're going to be a female agent like Scully, the aesthetic of the show was to run from aliens in impossibly high pumps, so make sure that you have the right shoes. Wear a wig if you need one, too. Add a fake gun to make yourself look official, even if that's not going to do much to stop the impending colonization or the spread of alien DNA to the masses.

The aliens portrayed on the show were mostly humanoid in appearance, so going with the classic gray alien will work just fine. Get an alien mask and a gray zentai suit and you'll be ready to kidnap Scully and run experiments on her in your spacecraft.

In addition to the alien storyline, there were tons of random monsters on the show, many of which were extremely creepy and perfect for Halloween. While you might have a hard time embodying the disgusting fluke-man from "Host," you could instead go for a more simple monster, such as Tomms from "Squeeze."

In other words, wear a dress shirt and some pants, and then cover yourself in fake bile. You could also be any of the few garbage-based monsters that were on the show by covering yourself in dirt. Oh no, who ate all of the Halloween candy? We're not saying it was aliens...but it was aliens. Enjoy your Halloween as a creepy character from The X-Files!

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