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Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the best ideas for a dark Halloween costume is to rely on what has always been considered to be scary. Of course, you can add some new details to spice up your appearance and be unique.

Vampires, zombies, werewolves are creatures you can "transform" into when this night comes. The following is a list of dark Halloween costume ideas that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Use these ideas as a basis to create your costume and try to add some detail that represents your own personality


Zombies are getting quite popular these days. More and more people decide to transform into zombies when Halloween comes. They are suitable for both teens and adults. Zombie costumes are simple to make and there is also a great variety of zombie costumes in the stores. The only thing that you will have to decide is whether you will act as a fast zombie or a slow zombie.


A skeleton is the only thing that is left after our physical existence stops. Since original skeletons represent only human bone structure it is quite obvious that we can't mask ourselves in real skeletons. People usually use tight costumes that have dark background and white bones that are placed accordingly on each body part. Keep in mind that the costume should fit you in the best way if you want to get proper effects.


For Halloween you must decide what type of ghost do you want to be - For example, do you want to be a dark evil spirt? Or a more jovial benevolent ghost? You could be a famous ghost from TV or from a movie. If you want to go for something friendly and child-like, try finding a Casper costume (or you can reasonably make one yourself if you're handy like that). If you want something a little scarier, maybe a famous ghost from a horror movie. If your married you can dress-up as a ghostly couple.

Corpse Bride

Corpses are simply lifeless bodies and they can be quite scary. This is a state in which our body is found between being alive and becoming a skeleton. There are several types of corpse costume ideas that you can use. You can look dead for one day or days (you can use some tricks to make yourself look as a deteriorating corpse). Of course, you don't have to add the odor in order to make the costume more realistic.

In addition, many people use corpse bride costumes for Halloween. These costumes are based on the Corpse Bride movie. You may have to watch the movie in order to get a better idea on how their dresse and costume looks. However, what you'll need for sure is makeup that makes your face pale, dark eye shadow and strong red lipstick.

In addition to makeup and a regular tuxedo, the corpse groom can wear satin vest or satin bow. Finally, there are some good corpse child costume ideas too. The focus should be placed on the makeup while the clothing should be as simple as possible in black or white colors.


The devil in folk stories has always been perceived as the physical form of evil. This is why there are so many devil costume options that people can wear on Halloween.

The simplest costume is the one that includes red top, red trousers, a pitchfork, tail and horns. However, if you want to make the costume more demonic, you should spend some time on the makeup (use red face paint) and in some cases people use wicked red lenses too.

She Devil

For the Halloween enthusiast who insists on sticking to appropriately frightening costumes on October 31st, what better way to celebrate as the Princes of Hell? This particular costume idea holds a lot of possibilities women.

Ladies can go all-out in shades of deep red and body-hugging material, finishing the look off with a pair of horns and a slick of Crimson lip color. Men can take cues from movie characters such as (Interview With A Vampire), who add a certain appeal to being eternally damned, and create a look accordingly.


Making a vampire costume is easy. The main item you'll need is a pair of fangs (usually made of plastics or rubber). You can make your costume even scarier by adding some fake blood stains around your mouth or even blood streams. In this way you will look like you have just finished your sucking some poor victims blood.


Legends of witches are a very old and widespread phenomenon noticed in many different cultures. Witches are usually portrayed as female creatures that have destroyed the fruits of the soil, conducted mysterious rituals, casted spells and curse people. They were viewed as women who are involved in sorcery and serve the dark supernatural forces. For this reason the witch is a perfect fit for Halloween.

Their are several witch costumes to choose from, for example you can always be a classic witch; be sure to dress in back, where a pointed hat and don't forget your boom. Or, if you want to add a little color to your outfit you could always go as the Wicked Witch of OZ.


Another dark Halloween costume is the werewolf. Once again you will need the help of some makeup products. For this project you'll need to make your skin browner, so wear a brown t-shirt and brown pants. Plus cover your exposed skin with fake fur (especially your hands and face.)

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