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Money Saving Halloween Costume Idas

Most people like to engage in the celebration of the Halloween season. However, the expenses associated with Halloween can take it's toll on your finances. For Halloween night you'll need costumes, decorations and candy. The Sixty-four thousand dollar question is, how to how to enjoy this season without staining your budget? Here I reveal some money saving ideas which would be of benefit to you during Halloween:

When planning for Halloween, its best to shop early. Regardless of whether you are planning for yourself or your kids, it's best to avoid price hike associated with the rush. By doing so, you will get items at a much lower price as compared to the peak period. It also affords you the opportunity and time to compare prices from different vendors.

Swap Costumes

Swapping costumes with other family is a great option, but might not appeal to everyone. If you don't mind, you can exchange costumes with your neighbor or take advantage of hand-me-down costumes. This is an excellent option with respect to saving some money. It also provides you with a wide variety of costumes that may not be available in the market that year.

Shop on Craigslist

Keith B. Auerbach writes for a variety of websites including Dark Halloween Costumes You May Also Like: Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

Visiting forums like craigslist presents an opportunity to get some outstanding costumes at very cheap prices. In some seasons, list prices are as low as twenty-dollars and those who are skilled in the art of negotiating could get them even less. Besides the methods stated above, it could be more appealing sewing Halloween costumes yourself. This would be a great way of saving some funds. Here are some looks you could easily get dressed in for cheap:

Some sweat clothes would do for a start. Make some artistic impressions on them using fabric paint or markers in decorating them. For loose fabrics, stuff them with bags or paper to fill out the loose ends, give your costume some sparkle by adding glitter to the costumes.

You could draw a clown face manually. Paint your entire face white and mark the outline round your mouth with a red lipstick while you decorate your ear liner and eye shadows with different colors. If you have a wig, it would come in handy at this point, if you do not, use a hair spray, it would add some flair to your style. A silly hat or a sneaky oversized shoe would complete the costume.

More Stuff

Do you want to appear as a nerd? Here is what you could do. Part your hair, making it slick to the back with some gel. A cowlick could be used to add some effects. Put on glasses with thick lenses with a tape on the side. Add space to your teeth with temporary black tooth color. Get a pair of pants, pulling it up so high that your ankles are exposed. Put on a cardigan so small that your tummy is exposed or a polo shirt buttoned half way. Do not forget a black or white stocks and a fanny pack or computer bag.

Getting the best Halloween costume you desire does not have to cost a fortune. Take advantage of the methods we have highlighted above and get the best that suits the character you want to portray. For those who are interested in creating theirs from scratch, a bit of creativity would make a significant difference.

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