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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids, Teens, Adults & Pets

Every year, millions of people wonder what they are going to dress up as for Halloween. One choice is whether to opt for a homemade costume or a store-bought one. We've include some of the best do-it-yourself costume ideas for kids, teens, adults & pets.

Zombie Costume Ideas
The walking dead are more popular than they've ever been. There's something deeply ingrained in human psychology that finds the cannibalistic undead simultaneously frightening.

Witch Costume Ideas
Most people think of witches as ugly, but that's kind of an outdated perception these days. Witches come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Devil Costume Ideas
The Devil is an ugly creature with pointed ears, a tail, horns and a pitchfork. For the horns, get a head bow and attach horns on each end. The bow is worn on the forehead.

Corpse Bride Costume Ideas
Are you looking to embody a creepy, yet feminine Halloween costume? If so, nothing is scarier than when a young, unassuming woman dresses up as a corpse bride.

Pet Costume Ideas
If you have a cat or a dog (although other pets can wear costumes) and went them to be apart of the Halloween celebration, I've included a list of fun ideas.

Clown Costume Ideas
Clowns often have wacky hair. Something brightly-colored or even rainbow might be perfect. If you want to be extra disturbing, you could make the hair look faded in color.

Vampire Costume Ideas
You can put together a classic Dracula costume with elements that you can buy at a party store, and be sure to get some fake blood to complete the look.

Billy Pupet Costume Ideas
Let's play a game. The game is called, "trying to put together a Jigsaw costume from scratch." This is a little hard, because he has a distinctive mask however.

Pirate Costume Ideas
The pirate costume is popular among men and woman. Some of the most amazing pirate's costumes include ratty clothes, jewelry, eye patch, and a sword.

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