Zoo Halloween Costume Ideas

Lions and tigers and beers oh my! Are we at a Halloween party, or at the zoo? As you can image Halloween isn't about ghost and goblins anymore. In fact it includes a wide range of costumes, include man-eating animals. If you want to let your imagination go wild this Halloween a trip to the Halloween zoo might be in order.

Lion Costume

If you like to roar through the crowd then this costume idea is perfect for you. Since the lion's face is somewhat complex you may wish to purchase a pre-made mask for this part of the costume, however the body is easy to make.

For the torso and legs you will need a golden-colored sweatshirt and sweatpants. Be sure to add large brown fabric square patches for the stomach and back. In addition, attach a long furry tail. Finally wear a long frizzy orange wig to compete the look.

Tiger Costume

Let your animistic side shine this Halloween with an easy to create tiger costume. First contour your face with dark brown cream and blend it. Then fill in your eyebrows and prime your eyelids by applying a white shadow. Then blend it all in with a black eye shadow. Line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. Use extended eyelashes for a dramatic look.

In order to create a cat like look, add the gold jewels into the inner corner of your eyes. Take white cream makeup and apply it to the upper lips to create the tiger look. Draw a line from your nose and connect it to your lips. Add little dots for the whiskers. Then outline your upper lip with a black pencil. Draw stripes on your face to complete the look.

Bear Costume

The bear is one of the oldest and most traditional costumes in Halloween history. Once again, you may want to buy a mask for the head. In regards to the body a brown-colored jumpsuit will work. Be sure to include some scary bare claws. The bare claws can done by wearing brown gloves and adding some fake fur on it.

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