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Kid's Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your kid love to ride around on a broom stick, pretending that she has magical powers? Would you like to see more warts on her face than yours? Put your child in a kidís witch costume this Halloween. Here are the basics:


Makeup / Mask - The first distinguishing feature of a witch will be her disturbing appearance. If you already think your kid is plenty disturbing, then you may not need any makeup at all. However, if you really want to celebrate the season, you can buy witch makeup kits that even come with latex noses and warts.

If youíre not into applying anything to your kidís skin, you could also use a hooked nose that attaches with an elastic band, or a creepy witch mask.

Outfit - Witches typically wear dark clothes that drapes loosely around the body. You can find a lot of pre-made witch costumes that will give you just that, or you can head to the fabric store and try making your own.

Another approach you can take if your witch is more of the haggard type is to dress her in rags. You can make these from scraps lying around the house or you can buy a hag costume from a Halloween store.

Accessories - The pointy hat is optional, but highly recommended. You might also do well to give your kid a broom to ďflyĒ on. It has to be an old-fashioned broom with those old, gnarled bristles. You can find those very often at a party store.

Want your kid to get a taste of the sorceress life this Halloween? Get her a kidís witch costume! Just make sure to keep her away from water, or sheíll melt.

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