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She-Devil Halloween Costume Ideas

Who ever said that the devil had to be a man? If you’re ready to rule the underworld in girlish style, then consider being a she-devil for Halloween. Here are some ideas on how to put it all together:


Clothes - Depending on what kind of she-devil you are, there will be a different outfits to chose from. Generally speaking, the devil is seductive, so you probably want something a bit on the sexy side. Perhaps a black lacy skirt with fishnet stockings and a tight shirt. If you’re not into that, you can always go the mysterious route and wear a dark trench coat or a leather body suit.

Devil's Body - How mythical do you want your devil to be? If you like the fantasy element, then consider getting some demonic wings and maybe even a a pointed tail. If you want an even more elaborate costume and you’re showing some skin, you might even want to draw on some scales or other demonic elements on your body.

Horns - Naturally, you’ll want some kind of horned headpiece, or some horn prosthetics that you can attach to your head. How huge and elaborate they are is up to you, but they’re basically a requirement or else you’re not immediately recognizable as the devil.

Makeup Or Mask - Your face needs to be otherworldly, so you’re going to want to give yourself a demonic makeup job or wear a disturbing demon mask. Again, how scary or ugly you make yourself look depends on the theme of your she-devil costume. If you’re going the sexy route, make yourself look a little more human.

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