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Women's Naughty Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a naughty time of year when some of our more base instincts are celebrated. If you doubt this, just take a look at all the sexy costumes that people love to put on - itís practically a Halloween tradition, especially among the ladies. If you want to keep this tradition alive, one of the best ways is to turn a common costume into its naughty version. Letís take a look at some ideas:


Naughty Nurse - One of the easiest costumes to put together is a nurse because all you really need are some scrubs. Scrubs arenít that sexy, though (unless you can cut them up to show some skin), so youíd probably be better off buying a pre-made sexy nurse costume that comes with a skimpy mini-skirt and a tight shirt that will show off your assets. Add a stethoscope or a giant syringe as accessories.

Naughty Schoolgirl - If you want to embody a common male fantasy and remind everyone of their crush from high school, then try being a naughty schoolgirl. You can make this outfit cheaply by finding a pleated, uniform-style skirt and a tight, white blouse at a thrift store. Carry around a few books and binders. Wear some glasses if youíre a nerdy schoolgirl.

Naughty Teacher - Similar to the naughty schoolgirl costume, the naughty teacher reminds us of all those fantasies that we never could act upon. There are plenty of pre-made costumes for sexy teachers, but if you want to make your own, find a short business skirt and a business casual top with plenty of room for cleavage at a second hand shop. Put your hair in a bun and carry around a ruler. Tell others at the party that youíll be teaching them a lesson!

Naughty Nun - Nothing quite excites people like sacrilege, which is what makes a naughty nun costume so great. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a pre-made nun costume and cut your nunís habit very short, then add a pair of sexy leggings. You can also find skimpy pre-made nun costumes so that you donít have to make these modifications. Are you feeling naughty? Good! Spread that naughtiness around this Halloween with one of these sexy costumes.

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