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Monster Halloween Costume Ideas

Monster Halloween costumes have been popular among people for decades. For example, Frankenstein Monster, the Swamp Creature, and Werewolf are just some of the monsters you might see trick-or-treating, or attending a Halloween party. Here is a monster look at some Halloween theme costumes you can create at home.


Frankenstein Monster - The Frankenstein monster instills fear because of its scary face and large frame. For this costume, apply green Halloween paint for the face, or just were a mask. For your body go shirtless and paint your chest and be sure to add multiple scares.

If your too modest, or too cold to strut around shirtless, put on a over-sized, worn out suit. It should be solid black, green, brown or dark blue in color. Include a black shirt beneath the suit and some large sized work boots.

Bride Of Frankenstein - Frankenstein may be scary but his bride is even scarier. His bride wears a white wedding dress and comes with open shoulders and frills on the front and back. It can come in large size or ordinary size. Frankenstein's bride has a beehive hair style that should be back with a streak of gray. Her face should appear milky white.

Swamp Monster - It is possible to create an amazing costume using strips of green clothes. These are cut up to resemble swamp leaves and banana leaves and then attach these to a shirt, pants, sleeves and a hat. Create a hideous mask with protruding teeth to complete the swamp monster look.

Mummy Costume - This costume resembles dead kings of ancient Egypt. Take an old white sheet and cut it into long thin strips. Now wrap these strips across the body from the head to toe. Leave slits around the eyes, mouth and nose. Dress in white attire to closely resemble a mummified body.

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