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Men's Halloween Costume Ideas

It's almost time to get scary! Are you looking for the best costume to give all of your friends the creeps this season? Sometimes it pays to look back on the classics for inspiration, Let's take a look at some great, tried-and-true men's Halloween costumes:

Zombie Costume

Zombies are more popular than they've ever been. There's something deeply ingrained in human psychology that finds the cannibalistic undead simultaneously frightening, and yet...fascinating. Turn yourself into one of these flesh-eating monsters this Halloween; it's actually quite simple. First, you're going to need an outfit that you can tear up.

Zombies normally have tattered clothes from getting into fights with other zombies. Pick something from your closet that you're not particularly fond of, or go to at thrift store and grab something cheap.

Alternatively, you can also buy some blood-stained, tattered zombie threads that are pre-made from a party store. You can also try going with a theme and basing your clothes around that—for example, a zombie tourist, a zombie baseball player, or anything else that would look good in an undead state.

Mummy Costume

Strips of white cloth will be ideal to complete this costume. Dress up in white then wrap the head in a white scarf. Cover the rest of the body in bandage-like white strips of cloth. The body does not have to be carefully or neatly wrapped in the strips of cloth but can be done in a careless manner. Ladies can wear a white dress then cover their bodies, including legs and arms, with strips of white linen or cotton clothes.

Hunchback Of Norte Dame

This scary figure adorns a hooded coat with short sleeves. Get an old coat and fashion out a hood. The hood can overflow to the front and back as a poncho. A waist belt will do so get a long overcoat and a belt. The ends of the coat and the ends of the sleeves can be cut out in a zigzag design where the limbs come out. Black pants and long boots will complete the hunchback look.

Skeleton Costume

There are lots of ways to be a skeleton for Halloween. It can be as simple as buying a skeleton T-Shirt and getting a skeleton mask to match, or you can go the more complex route and get a full-body skeleton suit from the Halloween store. If you don't mind being a bit 2-dimensional, you could even get a skeleton zentai suit for quite cheap.

There's also the question of what sort of skeleton you want to be. If you're looking to embody a simple stack of bones, then that's easy enough, but you might also want to add embellishments. For example, you can buy skeleton chest-plates that bleed when you squeeze a pump.


Boo! Nowadays, just wearing a plain white sheet over your body doesn't quite cut it in the ghostly department. Instead, you're going to have to be a bit more creative.

A good question to ask yourself is this: What sort of person was your ghost before they died? This will help bring some variety to this often over-done costume. Were they a painter, a chef, a soldier? Even better, you can combine two kinds of creepy costumes. For example, you can be the ghost of a scary clown, or the restless spirit of a machete-wielding maniac. There are lots of possibilities.

The key to turning these characters into ghosts will depend largely on your clothes and your make-up. Go with a ghostly pale appearance. If you find that your outfit is too bright and lively, you might consider getting a pre-made costume of the particular ghost that you're trying to embody.


An absolute classic, the warlock costume has been done and reinvented countless times, whether it has been on stage, television, or in real life. There are numerous inspirations to choose from, whether you are a fan of the Harry Potter series or American Horror Story.  Men can add an interesting touch to a warlock costume by incorporating elements of modern culture, such as the "hipster" beard, in their looks. 

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