T h e     H a u n t e d     H o u s e

The Living Room

The kids enter the living room and are surprised to see a nice looking room; it's not dark and foreboding like the rest of the house. Brenda is already sitting seductively on a over-sized couche.

"What's up big boy?" Brenda said, gazing at Brad lovingly. Her cherry tongue emerges from her mouth and licks her glossy lips.
"Ha, Ha very funny," Brad laughs. A loud scream echo's through the house and the lights flicker off.

"My God," Jill clamors, "Something just brushed up against my body."
"It was me," Brad replays as he turns on his flashlight.
"Don't be polite Brad, I don't think your wet and slimy."
"Are you getting this on camera?" a voice rings out. "Yea," Brad replies. A few seconds pass... Jill screams again.
"A sticky wet tong just licked my face!"
"Sound like my first date," Brenda giggles. When the lights go back on the kids are a bit unnerved, but this all fake, isn't it? Dr. Smith said it was.

"Come-on guys," Brad said, "lets explore the house." As Brenda gets her big butt off the couch the room starts to shake. The sofa sinks into the floor as the stucco wall cracks and breaks away. The wall fragments into thousands of pieces creating a whirlwind of dust and debris. As the dust descends to the floor an eerie room appears. It's a small room with a checkered floor and a odd-shaped door.
"What the hell?" John yelled.
"Geez!" Brenda said smiling, "I think that was a sign! We need to go that way."
"Not so fast," Bill clamors. The kids have mixed feelings about what direction to go in... What would you do? Where to next? Enter any door to continue: