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Law & Order Halloween Costume Ideas

There are just about as many spin-offs and versions of Law & Order than there are atoms in the universe, but it's not very hard to see why. Crime dramas have always been popular, and with the added twist of including the exciting ordeal of a trial, people watch every flavor of this series in droves. If you're among this loyal fan base, why not wear a Law & Order costume for Halloween this year? Here are some ideas on how to put one together:

First off, decide on which version of Law & Order you want to portray. Yes, this is a tall order, but you'll have to sift through the choices if you want to portray a specific character of the show that you find cool. Do you want to portray Detective Lupe from the original series, or Detective Carisi from SVU? Try to find a character that suits you personally.

Another approach you could take is to simply go with a very generic costume that is related to law enforcement and the justice system. To be frank, if you've seen one prosecutor in a suit, you've kind of seen them all.

Police Costume

You can get these rather inexpensively at a party store. Throw in a fake set of handcuffs, a fake gun, and a police baton. Finally, muster up an over-inflated sense of authority and you’re good to go.

A Detective

For this, you'll need a basic suit and a fake badge. You can find either at the thrift store if you look hard enough, but worst comes to worst, most party stores or large online e-commerce stores will have them.

A Lawyer

Again, you'll need a suit. However, this time, a thrift store probably won't cut it because the suit needs to look expensive. The pay disparity between a sweaty detective that's been staking out an lair all night and the cushy life of an overpaid defense attorney is substantial. Look the part.

If you love Law & Order, show everyone your contribution to the fandom this Halloween and dress up like a character from the show!

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