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Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween night is the most scariest night of the year. This celebration allows both adults and kids to unleash their creativity and be different for at least one night. One thing that makes Halloween night so fun is the use of Halloween costumes. Kids are especially excited about this celebration. They want to look scary and interesting and above all unique. This is something that can be easily achieved with some of the following Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids.

Harry Potter

If you are looking for a costume that is “appropriate” for this occasion, then Harry Potter costume is the perfect choice. When it comes to magic, Harry Potter is definitely the most popular character among kids, casting spells and witchcraft. Although his costume is not very complicated you can always spice up your kids looks by buying some unique accessories like magic sticks in


Many young boys dream about the days when they will become real men and that's why they like costumes that include muscle torsos. One of the costumes that can help them achieve this goal is Batman costume. You can buy pre-made costumes in costume shops or design your own. Just make sure that it looks similar to the original one.


Girls will enjoy dressing up like Cinderella while boys will enjoy wearing costumes that resemble that of a prince just like in fairy tales. There are quite many fairy tales books and movies for pre-teen kids so you can be assured of great inspiration.


It seems that in the past 10 years, the popularity of pirates as movie characters has significantly increased. Making a pirate costume is easy. You need black or brown pants, a shirt that comes in white color or white with black strips, a pirate hat/scarf and a sword. In addition, you can use a toy parrot on your kid's shoulder. If you want to make the costume a little bit scarier, you can use a black cover on the eye.


Vampires are considered to be one of the darkest creatures in the world. They are present in the folk stories of almost every nation in the world. The main focus in creation of this costume should be placed on the use of make-up. The skin (especially on the face) should be very pale or even grayish. The hair should have compact form. It is also a nice idea to use some red color around the lips.

Remember that Halloween costumes for kids don't necessarily need to be scary. Sometimes a costume inspired by some of the most popular folk tale characters like Cinderella can get the attention of your kid's peers. This is a simple costume that won't require much effort.

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