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The Haunted House - Introduction

"I can't believe we're doing it" Brad said and his friends walk towards the foreboding edifice.
"Yea, I know," Bill replies, "Were stupid, but I want to prove to our followers that we can spend a night in some old house on Halloween night."

As the sun fades behind the hills, a black void of darkness engulfs the landscape.
"We should go in," Sue said softly, "it's getting cold."
"I bet the house is haunted," Jose said as they enter the oak doors.
"Yea" Zack grunts, "I bet we'll see a lot scary shi..."
"Hay watch your Language," Mike shouts. "There are ladies present." The kids start laughing.
"I kind of like being called a lady," Carmen said.

"FYI," Brad said, "I did a google search on this house and most of the reports say the house is haunted, however all of the experts have debonked these findings. So guys, what were going to see inside will be bogus. The house has been rigged by practical jokers, there's nothing to be afraid of."
"Right-On!" John clamors. The kids start to laugh in relief.

They enter the house and look around, it smells like death and the kids wonder if they made the right decision. But what the hell, life is short and the night is young, and besides it's just an old house, what could go wrong?

So where to next? Click any room to continue the story. For the conclusion click, "Epilogue."

The Kitchen Family Room Bedroom
The Attic Dinning Room Bathroom
Graveyard Living Room Epilogue