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Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas

Ghost is a term used to describe a disembodied representation of a dead person. Stories about ghosts can be found in almost every culture in the world. There are many people who claim that they have seen ghosts and there are people who are trying to get in touch with them too.

Anyway, real or not, ghosts can serve as a great inspiration for Halloween costumes. They have been used for this purpose for decades and they never go out of fashion. This is a short list of Halloween Ghost costume ideas that will make your next Halloween more exciting and memorable.

Classic ghost costume

First of all, take the brim off from a cap, such as a baseball cap. Make sure that its a light colors. After that, ask someone to put the white sheet over your head. Make sure to cut it off if it is too long. You must point in the direction where your eyes are and the other person should mark them. Remove the sheet and place it on the hat, find the marks and cut holes for your eyes. Depending on the texture you might want to cut small holes for your nose too. You can choose whether you want to draw a mouth or nose.

Advanced ghost costume

Those who have more time can create an advanced ghost costume. Start the same procedure, but this time, mark the area around your neck, above your elbows and below the ankles. Of course, you will once again need help from another person. Cut the places that were marked. When you get the leftovers use glue to stick them everywhere on the costume. This will create a scary effect and make the ghost look older.

Your arms and neck will be partially exposed, so you will need to use some white face paint to cover these areas. In both cases, paint your nails black or white to improve the effects.

Ghosts from books, movies, TV shows

Ghosts are quite popular characters in movies, TV shows, books and video games. This might be a good idea for those who have a favorite ghost because they will get a chance to look like a ghost they like. In addition, you won't have to think much about the outfit because you will have the model right in front of you. So, what are some of the popular ghost characters today?

One of the most famous movies about ghosts is Ghostbusters. This movie was packed with different ghosts. You can choose the ghost from their famous logo or the unusual and unique green ghoul that appears in the end of the movie. You can also dress like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense where he was actually a ghost unaware of his state.

Another regular character that was actually a ghost was Patrick Swayze in the movie simply called Ghost. Of course, Harry Potter franchise is filled with ghost characters too. In addition, you can check the ghosts from beetle juice, Casper, Scream, Packman etc.

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