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Disturbing Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is an historic celebration in which people dress up in various costumes in order to chase off evil spirits. While many of these Halloween costumes serve the purpose of excitement, some of them are recognized to be really disturbing by the public in many ways. Mentioned below are some of the most disturbing Halloween costume ideas for your guilty pleasure.

Pinhead (From The Movie Hellraiser)

The character Pinhead became popular after the screening of movie Hellraiser in 1987. Pinhead is known to be the leader of the Cenobites. It is said that human pinhead made his journey to earth formerly, in order to harvest the souls of humans. Usually, Pinhead costume comes in two parts; the mask and the tunic.

The Pinhead costume is quite disturbing to look, thus making it perfect Halloween costume. To make the Pinhead character appear more realistic, some people use gel blood instead of printed blood stains.

Barbed Wire Body / Duck Tape Body Rap

A barbed wire body is another costume with a disturbing appearance. For this costume wear a tattered white shirt with realistically looking blood stains. Rap fake barbed wire rope around your body and your good to go. To make things more disturbing, wear a realistic zombie mask with a fierce looking barbed wire around the head.

Duck tape body rap simply looks like a mummy or a crazy person rapped in silver color duct tape. This costume can be made at home using lots of silver color duct tape. Wrapping duck tape haphazardly around the body defiantly looks strange and disturbing.

Wolf Head, Pig Head And Horse Head Mask

These masks come in various shaped and sizes and with different scary levels. For the most part, these mask are made of latex, so the wearer finds it easy to use. Most mask are sold separately, however you can add other body parts like gloves and extra fur, especially to the wolf head, to increase the creepiness of the costume.

Mental Illness Costume

Some people refer this costume to be inappropriate saying it represents an illness. However, these costumes can create a really disturbing appearance with the chains around the body, the wires attached to the body and particularly with the mask (probably a Frankenstein-type one).

These costumes general come either in orange or white (with some blood stains). Using creativity, people do various additions (like realistic blood stains, make-ups etc.) to these costumes and make them more disturbing.

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