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Adult Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas

A classic Halloween costume is the skeleton. One could say that it is related to the Grim Reaper in that it serves as a reminder of our deepest fears, but it is a little more generic and can be played a little bit more for fun. Here are a few dark Halloween costume ideas on how to make your skeleton costume:

Full-Body Skeleton

You can buy these costumes at party stores or online, but they basically cover you from head to toe.

The outfit may be little more than a zentai suit that has skeletal features painted on, or it can feature fully 3D plastic bones that line your body, from your toe bones to your skull. Some of these suits also glow in the dark, which makes them extra creepy when you're prowling around at night.

Ghoul From The Grave Skeleton

You can also opt to have a bit of a story behind your reanimation. If you want to look like a fully-decomposed corpse, grab a skeleton mask, but cover the rest of yourself in tattered clothes.

For added effect, pick clothes that aren't from your current time period. If you want to add an extra touch of creepy, they sell chest plate rib cages that secrete fake blood, that way people have something to look at when you rip your shirt open.

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