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American Horror Halloween Costume Ideas

When looking at the history of European literature, some of the oldest folk tales have some elements of horror. American literature is eerily similar. Horror is described as, "an intense feeling of absolute shock." This element of shock should be a major ingredient when creating your Halloween Horror costume. Below are some American costume suggestions for Halloween.

Devil costume

The devil in folk stories has always been perceived as the physical form of evil. This is why there are so many devil costume options that people can wear on Halloween. The simplest costume is the one that includes red top, red trousers, a pitchfork, tail and horns. However, if you want to make the costume more demonic, you should spend some time on the makeup (use red face paint) and in some cases people use wicked red lenses too.

Zombie Costume

It seems that zombies have reached the highest level of popularity in the last few years. So, if you choose a zombie costume you will definitely be trendy. Making a zombie costume is quite easy and you can choose many different types of zombie costumes zombie doctor, zombie road worker, zombie hunter, zombie teacher the list is endless. All you need is regular clothes that you won't wear again because you need to make them look dirty and ragged.

In addition, you can also spray some fake blood on them. What is important about the zombie costume is your skin which must look grayish. You should also pay attention to the mouth and use some fake blood around it.

Skeleton Costume

Now here's another American horror classic costume. Both adults and children like the skeleton costume because even though it's scary it's also fun. A typical skeleton costume includes a completely black jumpsuit with painted skeleton bones on it. If you want to make a more realistic costume you can find fake bones and attach them to the costume.

In case you are interested in an advanced skeleton costume, you can also get a pair of black gloves, black leather boots and a mask that represents a skull. Some people use glowing color to make the bones glow in the dark which is scary.

Dark Witch

It is believed that witches come in different forms, but the most famous one is the dark witch. This is why it is the best idea to come up with a dark witch costume. Use a dress that comes in dark colors (black is best). The dress shouldn't be tight and fancy.

The other important element is the hat which should be pointy. It is a good idea to add some spider-web around it. If you don't have long black hair use a wig. Finally, don't forget the broom which is one of the most important accessories when we talk about witches.

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